Tuesday, 2 November 2010


I've had this idea in my head since Friday morning after my first lecture of the day was focused around the idea of forgiving people. However I didn't write it as I was busy Friday, Saturday and Monday, and to be honest I was in a complete lazy mood on Sunday. So I've got some spare time today and will write it up.

I have to say that the lecture about it was interesting but it lead me to think more about myself then the subject we're meant to be thinking about. You see the lecture started by asking who in the room is a forgiving person and I was one of the people who put there hands up. I believe I'm generally a forgiving person and I can only think of a few people that I just can't forgive and I feel that I have good reason to feel that way. Let me explain with a story about one guy. We were having a night out and a friend of ours brought a friend with them, so we proceeded to have a good night. However as the night went on this guy go drunker and drunker, my buddy who is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet trying to help asks what was up. The guy then went on to threaten him and smash a glass on our table, he then went out found a bridge and threaten to jump up or so I've been told. Now ever one can get drunk I'm not bothered with that but that behaviour is ridiculous to me. When I saw him next I didn't act friendly to him and pretty much try to ignore him as I wanted nothing to do with him however during the night he came to me and asked if I liked him, I was honest and said 'No, frankly you broke a glass that hurt my friend and threatened another one' he then went round the rest of our group and complain about the fact I didn't like him.

The point of this story is really just to demonstrate just how much it takes for me to not forgive a person. Now you can argue if the guy was a actual friend you'd be more forgiving however I don't think I would of been friends with someone like that. Anyways, there's only a few people who I can't forgive and in my view with good reason. Besides that I'm generally forgiving, my friends can do something that really bugs me and gets me cross however after a day or so it'll be old news and everything will be fine.

I also wanted to tell another story that a saw on a DVD documentary I have. The documentary was on Gary Ridgeway the 'Green River Killer'. While he was being sentenced for his crimes the victims relatives gave a impact statement, Ridgeway killed about 40-50 women. Now many were what you expected 'I hate you', 'I hope you get killed' and 'You've got what you deserve' etc. however there was one man who did something different. He came to the stand and said 'You've made it difficult to do what God asks and that's to forgive. However I will try and you are forgiven sir' in response Gary Ridgeway broke down and cried. This to me is amazing as I can't imagine ever being in that mans shoes and not be anything but angry, how can you forgive something so horrible? How can you look at someone who has killed someone you love so much and forgive them? This makes anything I can't forgive people for look petty!

At the end of all this I believe that you can forgive pretty much anyone for pretty much anything however I truly believe that some people don't deserve to be forgiven. Luckily for me the people who I think don't deserve to be forgiven I basically cut out of my life as they don't deserve to be in it.

If you're giving this a read, thanks a lot and let me know what you think by leaving me a comment.

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