Wednesday, 9 November 2011

High Noon Preview

So this weekend has Chikara's offical Season finale, I saw offical because they will also hold Joshimania a three day special show involving all female wrestlers and lots of japanese wrestlers. Back to the season finale on November 12th the annual Cibernetico takes place but I'm not looking at that the next night has Chikara doing their first iPPV. So here's a little preview of the show and what I'm expecting from it.

Before I mention the first match Amasis from the Osirian Portal is set to update his wrestling status on the show. For those of you who don't know he was involved in a car accident and had to quit wrestling. We'll have to see just what he has to say. But onto the show.

El Generico vs. Jigsaw-Free Pre-show match
No back story here just one awesome match and it's FREE! I like Jigsaw he's a great wrestler but has had problems working outside of Chikara mainly due to his mask in my view, he did wrestle in ROH without it but he just went downhill until he put the mask back on in Chikara. His opponent, El Generico, is probably one of the best wrestlers I've ever seen. Seriously think about it, when was the last time you saw Generico in a bad match? Generico deserves main event pushes where ever he goes and thankfully Pro Wrestling Guerrila aren't afraid to make him World champ. I'm also looking forward to him challenging Davey Richards for the ROH World title but that's not being discussed here. This free match should hook those who are on the fence about buying the iPPV.
Winner: Jigsaw-This is really a toss up and anyone could win but I'm going with Jig because he's Chikara's own while Generico is just a visitor.

Colt Cabana vs. Archibald Peck
Archibald Peck is one of the weirdest gimmicks I've seen in a while but it works well in Chikara and it works even more by the fact Robert Evans is the man behind the gimmick.
So the backstory here is at King of Trios this year Peck beat Cabana, he said that Eddie Kingston sent him to the future via the Backfist to the Future and he saw who he was going to be facing. Since then Peck has re-introduced Colt Cabunny to Chikara. Colt has declared war on Peck and said he was going to stop his abuse on the Cabunny.
I expect this match to give you some laughs and really just entertain you, these two are two of the most entertaining men in wrestling today. If you don't know who Peck is then you may have seen him working with the Embassy in ROH in a non-wrestling role. And we should all know Colt who is probably the best wrestler to mix comedy into his wrestling and put on great matches. If you don't get a laugh from this match at some point I'd be surprised.
Winner: Peck-Once again it makes more sense to give the win to someone who is always at Chikara instead of someone just visiting the promotion. But having said that I could also see Colt winning.

Sara Del Rey vs. Jakob Hammermeier
These two were once part of the BDK faction in Chikara Sara was a part of the faction while Jakob was their personal ring announcer. Over the last year a lot has happened, Jakob was trained to wrestle and started to regularly. While Sara broke away from the BDK and was left to fight on her own when her tag partner Daizee Haze was injured. Sara scored some big wins over the two BDK leaders (Claudio Castagnoli and Ares) in singles matches. So the main backstory here is that Del Rey was to beat all of the BDK members and so she's on to Jakob.
This is a weird one to me, Sara is one of the best female wrestlers and generally one of the best wrestlers going today but I haven't seen much of Jakob's work so I don't know how good he is. Sara can probably make him look great and if Jakob is good then the match can be good.
Winner: Del Rey-She beat the top dogs of the group so I'm pretty sure she will beat Jakob here. I'm personally more interested in just who she will be wrestling over the Joshimania weekend.

Green Ant vs. Tursas
This is not the first time these two have met but this time it doesn't have as much build, let me explain. Earlier this year these two were set to meet and Green Ant decided to copy the infamous Lex Express from WWE in 1993/4. They even got Luger on a Podcast-a-go-go to add his support. On the day of the show Green Ant showed off a new red, white and blue outfit and had the fans going crazy, sadly he did not win that match. So we now get the rematch. Tursas has not been beaten often during his Chikara run only losing a handful of single matches. He is a real big man but is a good worker for his size. Green Ant has really shown talent during his time in Chikara, I was actually surprised that he didn't win the Young Lions Cup this year. I expect this match to be good but short as a long Tursas match just doesn't work for me really.
Winner: Green Ant-It just makes sense to have him get this big win here and Tursas doesn't really need the win.

Gregory Iron vs. Icarus
Gregory has really exploded in the world of wrestling this year, he has gained a lot of attention and has proven himself to be a great wrestler as well. These two have met twice before, scoring one win each. The main story here is that Icarus has often made fun of Greg's cerebral palsy on Chikara shows and on his Chikara blog. This is the big grudge match between the two and the story is pretty simple. I expect this to be one hell of a match, Icarus is extremely underrated in my view and Greg has shown serious talent as well.
Winner: Gregory Iron-With this season rapping up once again it makes sense to give the good guy the win.

The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)
No real story here except that both teams are on two points and want their third. For those of you who don't know in Chikara teans gain points by winning tag matches and when they get three they can challenge the champions (currently Team FIST aka Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor). FIST and the Colony have had some serious history in Chikara and have started up again recently, the Colony have been champions before and could be the first to become two time champions. While that match could be great I'd personally prefer to see the Bucks challenge for the tag champions. Either way you will get a great tag title match and this will be a great tag match as well.
Winners: The Colony-As I said I'd prefer the Bucks but it just makes more sense for the Colony to win this one.

The Spectral Envoy (Ultramantis Black & Hallowicked) vs. The BDK (Tim Donst & Ares)-No DQ match
Pretty much two years of feuding could come to a end here. When the BDK formed Ultramantis was one of the guys leading the charge, Mantis tried to get Hallowicked on his side but wasn't able to due to their history. At last year's Season finale Wicked joined up with Mantis and they've been in a stable ever since. This is really two feuds put into one. Mantis and Ares have had some a series of matches, including a wild Falls Count Anywhere's match at The Germans. Their feud has really been Chikara vs. BDK but Hallowicked vs. Donst has more story. Donst has made it his mission to be recognised as the greatest Young Lions Cup champion ever problem is that Hallowicked is a former champ. They have traded wins and the feud even saw Hallowicked beat up Donst and made him lose to Max Boyer in the shortest match in Chikara history.This match should be crazy, I expect outside interference from both parties but overall it should be awesome.
Winners: The Spectral Envoy-After all this time between these four it's about time to move on and the Envoy winning could put a end to it.

Eddie Kingston vs. Mike Quackenbush to crown the first Grand Champion
Earlier this year Chikara announced they would crown their first Grand Champion, they held the 12 Large Summit which had two blocks of wrestlers having matches and scoring points. Mike Quackenbush won the highly competitive Block A which could of been won by any one while Eddie Kingston won Block B by beating everyone except Vin Gerard who injured Eddie's knee at the last event. So Kingston enters this match with a injured knee which could be bad since Quack is the Master of a 1000 holds. Now I'm pretty sure this tournament final was meant to be Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli but Claudio signed with WWE and that match can't happen.
Quackenbush has done pretty much everything there is to do in wrestling he's won tournaments and titles throughout his long career. Over the last couple of years Eddie Kingston has really became the MAN in Chikara, he has beaten some big name stars including Chris Daniels, El Generico, Homicide and more.
Winner: Eddie Kingston-He is the man in Chikara and deserves to be the first champion. A first challenger already seems in the making in Vin Gerard and Kingston has pretty much been facing whoever for the last two years now so making them title matches makes sense to me.

So that's my preview of High Noon, Chikara has been one of my favourite companies for years now and I always love their shows. I expect this show to be just like their others and by that I mean truly awesome.

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