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What a Maneuver!

A very nice a simple post here. This is going to be my Top 10 favourite moves in wrestling. Everyone has they're own list here and I thought I'd share mine. Plus they'll be videos so that's a win!

10) Running Powerslam

So it may be because I'm English and I feel like I have to like the British Bulldog but I did and I really liked this move. What I find surprising is that apart from DH Smith it's almost died out and isn't used. There hasn't been many variations of the move apart from Dr. Death's Oklahoma Stampede where he runs into the corner and then hits the move. But back to Bulldog, he had one of my all time favourite move sets as the hanging vertical suplex that he could hit on anyone literally anyone he even did it to Vader once, looked amazing everytime. Before I move on I have this image in my head, at In Your House Mind Games the Smoking Guns took on Bulldog & Owen, the end of the match saw Billy push Bart away into the Running Powerslam, JR's call of "What a dumb move by Billy Gunn" was great and it's one of my all time favourite clips, sadly I couldn't find it to show you.

9) Stone Cole Stunner

It had to be included really. One of if not the most famous wrestling move in history. So why number 9 because it's already gained enough praise. In wrestling there's a rule that says your finishing move has to be able to hit on anyone and this could be hit on anyone, there's several videos like this showing all the people the stunner was hit one. It was such a simple move and it was Michael Hayes brain child but Stone Cold made it famous.

8) DDT

We go from the most famous to the most used move. The DDT is simple but effective. The story of this move was that one night Jake was wrestling and he had a front face lock on, his opponent moved forward and they both fell. The crowded reacted great and a move was born. If you watched the Pick Your Poison DVD Jake talking about the move is amazing to me as he knows how to hit it right. Many people have used the move since, with Raven having the best copy in my view, but Jake's was always the best looking. The DDT has gained so many different versions I won't list them all but it shows how impactful the move was and is.

7) Brainbuster

It's like a suplex but you're dropped on your head! As far as I know Dick Murdoch actually invented the move as Ted DiBiase talked about how it looked like Dick literally dropped you on your head but you were save. Now many wrestlers have used the move but only 3 did it great in my view those being the late Eddie Guerrero, current TNA World champ Austin Aries and El Generico who does an insane turnbuckle version. But as seen above AJ's wasn't bad. This move became one of the indy sensations with the Shining Wizard and suplex's into the corner.

6) Phoenix Splash

The move is a 450 Splash but you start with your back towards your opponent so you turn while doing the 450. Hayabusa did invent the move and he said that he felt so comfortable while doing a 450 he wondered if he could add a twist to it. Not a great number of wrestlers have picked up the move, Tyler Black, Kota Ibushi and Low Ki being the most famous users. In fairness I don't blame people for not attempting it a 450 can be dangerous so might be best not to add a twist if you can't do a normal version.

5) God's Last Gift

This is what happens when everything becomes a driver, literally everythings a driver these days I'm surprised I haven't seen an arm lock driver. Anyways Tyler Black created this little move and I have to say it looks great. I'm always a fan of finishing moves that go straight into pins. On a side note the match this clip comes from (Josh Abercrombie vs. Tyler Black in a TLC match in IWA Mid South) is just incredible and I highly recommend giving it a view if you can find it.

4) Liontamer

The only submission on the list and how can it not be? Look at it, it just looks insanely painful and that's the point. A version Jericho had to change for two reasons, one when he got to WWE he started working with bigger guys and he phsyically couldn't get that version locked in. The second in my view was to actually give the fans hope that the guy locked in it could get to the ropes. In the version above they really couldn't move at all. I think this is a great version to go back to when the other version fails in gaining the submission.

3) Stun Gun

As a finisher the move was a pretty bad choice but as a move I love it. It's the simple reason that it's usually hit when you least expect it, it's the ultimate tide turning move. All your doing is lifting your opponent up and dropping them on the top rope but it works. I remember a Cage match between Ric Flair and Ronnie Garvin, the match were Flair won the NWA title back, and the finish was almost like the stun gun but it was going into the cage and Flair pinned him out of no where. It worked so well.

2) Spinebuster

I don't know what the Anderson drop is but the Spinebuster is amazing. Very few can do it like Arn Anderson, his was a thing of beauty, but CW Anderson and David Young come real close. What I love about the Spinebuster is that everyone seems to hit it differently. I will always prefer Arn's as it looks like he snaps it off with such force. One of my memories of this move was Flair vs. Taker at Wrestlemania 18 during the match Flair kicks Taker off him and all of a sudden Taker was hit by a great spinebuster and Arn was gone, it summed up how quick and impactful the move could be.

1) Lariat

Let the debate of who had the best and who had the worst lariat begin! Everyone has their own opinion on it and that's mainly because the lariat has become one of the most used finishing moves in wrestling, why? Because you can believe it. When hit right it looks like he kills people, when hit wrong it's simply called a clothesline. I really liked Nigel McGuinness' version, Stan Hansen (since he made it famous) and Satoshi Kojima, who was taught it by Hansen or so it's said, but there are so many guys who do it well. There are people who used it and it didn't look great, to be honest Homicide and Steve Corino never looked good when doing it but that's me being picky. The bottom line is this move is simple, can be hit on anyone and can look really good and that's why it's my favourite move.

There you go people my Top 10 moves in wrestling, if you agree or disagree then please comment and discuss. Besides that thanks for reading you're too kind really.

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