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Hold on THAT closed the show!

We are very close to WWE's Hell in a Cell PPV a show likely to be headlined by CM Punk defending the WWE championship against Ryback a match no one would of expected after Night of Champions happened. So while I've thought about writing about why the World titles (WWE, World heavyweight & TNA) aren't being treated like World titles or the biggest upset title wins I decided to go in a whole different direction and am looking at some of the surprising main events in the past.

Roddy Piper vs. Jerry Lawler-King of the Ring 1994: Now you may look at this match and think "These are 2 main event quality wrestlers why is this weird?" oh there are many reasons why. The first was that Jerry Lawler hadn't been in WWE long and wasn't even a full time wrestler at the time, and speaking of that Roddy Piper wasn't wrestling at all at the time he was busy with films this was a one off. The build was a very weird one mainly because they couldn't get Piper to appear on TV live. But what made this an odd choice to close a show was the rest of the card, we had the quarter finals, semi finals and finals of the King of the Ring (Owen Hart won it) which could of made sense ending the show. We also had a WWE title match as Bret Hart defended against then Intercontinental champion Diesel meaning it was a champion vs. champion match, something rather rare at the time. What really stands out is that WWE were beginning to promote their guys as the "new generation" and yet this 2 old veterans closed the show. As for the match itself it was pretty dire, Piper has never been the best worker and as much as I love King sometimes he's too Memphis for his own good. Piper would win a 12 minute match with a weird back suplex pin and he would pretty much be done, he'd do the odd WWE appearance until 1996 where WCW signed him and did a feud with Hogan because that was fresh! Don't let Dixie Carter see this she'll probably do the feud again in TNA.

The Rock vs. Chris Benoit-Fully Loaded 2000: Much like the last match you may be asking why this one is odd. Well truth be told it's was odd because Benoit had only debuted near the beginning of the year, he had been getting a great push including some Intercontinental title runs. The main push to this match came when Shane McMahon joined forces with Benoit and like a lot of WWE feuds back then it was more about McMahon vs. Rock rather than Benoit vs. Rock. Thankfully when it came to working in the ring I don't think you could ask for a better match. They added the "if the champ is DQ'd he loses the title" rule to the match which did happen and many thought Benoit was champ however it was reversed and the Rock retained, something that they would do in the 4 way main event at Unforgiven 2 months later for no reason. After those 2 shows Benoit went back into the mid-card and would really stay there until the beginning of 2004 making this push look worthless.

Rob Van Dam vs. Balls Mahoney-Anarchy Rulz 1999: RVD was arguably the most over guy in ECW during his TV title run and beyond, while you can say what you like about his work I personally don't like his always taunting, lack of selling, high spots galore style he has a ton of charisma and connects with the crowd so well. So when we compare these 2 at the time Balls was just a bleeding, chair swinging mid-card tag wrestler. Looking at this match it came off as Balls is just the challenger of the month and we assumed the ECW world title would close the show, nope that went mid way through probably because it was a 3 way which saw Taz go out quickly and Paul Heyman was probably worried that the fans wouldn't take to a Masato Tanaka/Mike Awesome match, they would and would love all their matches. Even the hilarious mess of a tag title "match" went on later. So honestly I don't get why this went on last it was probably to try to get RVD over as a real main eventer and surprisingly the match was really good, probably the best on the card if you over look Lance Storm/Jerry Lynn opener.

John Cena vs. R-Truth-Capitol Punishment 2011: Yes R-Truth, who currently talks to an invisible child and must dream of this happening again, received a WWE title match on PPV. R-Truth had began getting a push a few months before after he turned heel and was talking about conspiracies against him. He had actually scored a win over Rey Mysterio and was doing really well as a heel. But even saying that this match came off as extremely rushed. Truth really should of gained some more big wins before getting this shot. The match really seemed to be randomly announced and just happened a blip in the year of 2011 that was quickly forgotten. The match itself didn't help Truth as Cena made him look foolish and just weak after you had built him so much, a common problem with Cena feuds. What makes things worse is that you could of closed the show with Christian/Orton for the World title and no one would of argued, well almost no one. Truth quickly went back to the mid-card after, he would get a small push later in the year while teaming with the Miz but they were both victims of the Cena/Rock feud and were made to look so weak in fact Cena beat both in a handicap match so there was no point having the Rock there.

Mike Awesome vs. Spike Dudley-Guilty as Charged 2000: As I mentioned in the RVD/Balls match Mike Awesome would wrestle Tanaka for the ECW title on the same show and he would win the title. At the next PPV the 2 had a singles rematch (again it didn't end the show) and the fans raved about it. So how do you follow that up? Mike had been made to look amazing with working with Tanaka but to get him over as this giant monster Paul Heyman would put him with smaller guys hence Spike Dudley. The feud began with Mike "knocking out" Spikes girlfriends teeth, who never appeared again mind you and that was it. The match itself came off really well, within seconds Mike tossed Spike over the top through tables to the floor twice making it look like Spike was dead, this would continue with Spike getting some big moves to give hope but would end with Mike just powerbombing the hell out of Spike to win. The next PPV the same would happen with Kid Kash but that didn't end Living Dangerously Super Crazy vs. Rhino did, another match that could be on this list.

Diesel vs. Mable-Summerslam 1995: Just let the groan out. OK let's look at this. Diesel had won the WWE title in very late 1994 but wasn't really pushed as the main events on PPV, a great addition to this is Kevin Nash's WWF Timeline of 1995 DVD where he reveals how he felt about WWE's dealings with him that year and beyond. Mabel had just won the King of the Ring, one of the worst PPV's ever and one I'm thinking of reviewing in a series of the worst shows I've ever seen. This was Mabel's big chance at the title, apparently Vince McMahon was very high on Mabel at the time a line we've heard in history more often than we should I feel. As for the match just imagine it, these 2 were always awful wrestlers so putting them together just meant doomsday for us true fans. Mabel would hurt Diesel badly in a spot he asked not to happen and Mabel would be released soon after. Mabel has gone down as one of the worst Kings in history, probably right next to Mr. Ass.

Hulk Hogan vs. the Butcher-Starrcade 1994: Who's the Butcher I hear you all ask, it's Ed Leslie. The man who has probably had the most gimmicks in wrestling history. Anyone who knows Hogan knows that him and Ed are BFF's and Ed really only had a "career" because Hogan was protecting him. Anyways Hogan had debuted in WCW at Bash at the Beach, where he won the WCW title in his first match, and had gone on to do the usual Hogan routine for the rest of the year aka burying everyone in touches. This match basically came out of Hogan doing a power play and stroking his own ego. I've not seen this match and I don't want to see this match all we need to know is that this was a main event and a company allowed it to be because whether you want to admit it or not Ed Leslie was never over and only got a reaction because he was with Hogan.

The Miz vs. John Cena-Wrestlemania 27: This was recently mentioned in the awesome CM Punk "Best in the World" DVD, which you should probably be watching than reading this but it's almost done so might as well stay to the end now. The Miz won the WWE title the night after Survivor Series where he cashed his Money in the Bank contract. Since then he wasn't positioned in the main event on any PPV after winning it. Miz was doing a good job as a heel at the time but to put him in the main event with John Cena at Wrestlemania was shocking to everyone. What didn't help was that Miz wasn't even acknowledged leading into the match that much it was all about Rock and Cena, which we wouldn't get to this year's Mania (and will likely get at next year so there goes that Once in a Lifetime ad). The match itself wasn't great and was out shined by a lot on the show and it was overlooked even more when the Rock basically won the match for the Miz (shocking that he retained to be honest but that lasted a month), the highlight of the match was Cena legit knocking Miz out in the countout spot near the end. The next month they added a cage and John Morrison to get Cena to win the title and Miz's main event run would be officially killed in a I Quit match the month after.

Goldberg vs. Kronik-Halloween Havoc 2000: This match had no build, no story and no action. WCW started Goldberg's streak over again because it's probably the only thing that got him over, hey WWE you could do that with Ryback might as well copy Goldberg's entire career. This was a elimination match and it lasted 3 MINUTES! You're main event lasted 3 minutes and it killed Kronik as Goldberg just ran through them. I promise you very few fans left happy after that show mainly because the entire show was awful but this main event didn't help. Not much to write here as there was nothing there.

John Cena vs. John Laurinatis-Over the Limit: This main evented a show! Cena's on this list a lot and it shows how WWE have just ran through so many opponents and he needs a break so we can get some fresh matches. Where should I begin? How about the fact Laurinatis wasn't a wrestlers? How about the fact you had CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE title (a match of the year candidate) on the same show? How about we could see the Big Show turn coming a mile off? How about this was long, drawn out awful comedy instead of Cena kicking his ass which was the whole story leading into it? This is my biggest problem with WWE they have to have Cena close the show and I don't know why, people aren't going to turn off the PPV after and if they do it's probably because they've conditioned people to think Cena equals the end. And for everyone who says "but Austin faced Vince in main events of PPV's" they weren't comedy matches those matches were all Austin kicking Vince's ass, which was the whole purpose of the build, and Vince would only get offence with outside help. They were also the biggest face and heel at the time and they were ultra hot at the time. I'm not mad that this match took place but it shouldn't have ended a PPV.

That's my list. Hope you like it and let me know what you think, I've probably pissed off some Cena lovers but haven't said anything new here it's all been said before when it comes to my feelings towards the character.

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