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The Best of the Biggest Stage!

My last list looked at the worst so now here's the best matches (in my opinion) in Wrestlemania history and in honour of this I've picked 20. Again can't embed the videos so will just put the links up if available.

20) Undertaker vs. Triple H-Wrestlemania 27
I've not watched the rematch so don't know if that was better than this but this was a good match. I think it was over hyped much like their last match just because of who was in it but it was still a great match. I also loved Triple H's entrance, as I've covered before.

19) Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz in a TLC match-Wrestlemania 17
These 3 teams really made tag team wrestling important again in 1999-2002, no matter what combination you put these guys in they worked great and put on great matches. But it was these high risk matches e.g. ladder matches and TLC matches that made them all superstar. This was the 2nd TLC match in WWE history and they would set the standard extremely high for the future.

18) Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock-Wrestlemania 18
Icon vs. Icon was one of the biggest matches at the time you could argue a dream match, although many would say Hogan/Austin was the dream match. In the ring this match was the typical Hogan affair but both guys were extremely over and the fans ate everything up which made this match something special.

17) Batista vs. Undertaker for the World title-Wrestlemania 23
On paper this match looked awful, Batista wasn't good in the ring and Taker had to be in there with the right guy but these 2 gelled great. Batista was arguably at his best in 2007 put on some of his best matches and Undertaker helped bring that out of him. These 2 always had great matches and their series of matches was fantastic in my view.

16) Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior in a Retirement match-Wrestlemania 7
Shawn Michaels became known as Mr Wrestlemania but in my view Randy Savage was that before him, if you look at his body of work at the Mania's he worked he got way better matches out of guys he shouldn't have like this match. The small things like Warrior walking to the ring to show how serious this was and the extreme extent both men went to beat the other were great. The aftermath with Randy & Elizabeth was something special and just added that little bit to a great match. My only negative was that Randy was technically on his feet on the outside before Warrior pulled him in to pin him making Randy look a little weak.

15) CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho for the WWE title-Wrestlemania 28

This may have only happened last year but I love this match partly because I am a Jericho fan and a massive Punk fan. These 2 are some of best in ring wrestlers going today and they were really over but that's not surprising. It program between the 2 started over who was the "Best in the World" and the promos were incredible between the 2, it later went into alcohol vs. straight edge but it was still great.
14) Edge vs. Mick Foley in a Hardcore match-Wrestlemania 22
In my opinion I think Edge should have entered this Mania as WWE champion against John Cena, he had won the title and lost it within a month. I think he took some of that anger and put it into this match with Mick, who also looked like he had something to prove. I don't think anyone expected Edge to go as far as he did in this match but I think he had the mind set of "I'm going to steal the show tonight" and in my view he did.
13) Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels in a Career Threatening match-Wrestlemania 24
This is probably the most emotional match in Mania history. Going in we all knew this would be Flair's last match but even so Shawn was able to put some doubt in the fans minds at parts. I think Shawn was the right guy to "end" Flair's in ring career and he did it well.
12) Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho-Wrestlemania 19
2 of the best of all time showing why they are so good. Shawn had only recently came back to wrestling and had a point to prove, Jericho was a long time fan of Michaels and wanted to show that he deserved to be looked at as a main eventer. Wrestlemania 19 is seen as one of the best ever and this was the best match on that card so that says a lot.
11) Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior: Champion vs. Champion-Wrestlemania 6
Much like Taker/Batista this match looked awful on paper but it blew everyone away on the night. It was a great face/face match and it really helped make Warrior a main event, sadly Hogan let his ego get in the way and stole focus away from the new champion. But this was the one time (I can think off) where the Hulk up/leg drop was dodged and it lead to Warrior winning.
10) Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels in an Iron Man match for the WWE title-Wrestlemania 12
This is called one of the best matches ever and it's hard to argue that. When the debate of "Who is the greatest wrestler of all time" is brought up you will often find these 2 names put in there. This was an hour long match and in their Rivalries Bret talked about how perfect this match was to him, saying that they planned for a spot to happen at the 45 minute mark and Bret looked at the clock during the spot to see it was around the 45 minute mark. These 2 would go the hour and then overtime leading to Shawn Michaels winning his first WWE title. Now sadly this match was so long that many members of the crowd actually left and they must have been kicking themselves after.
9) Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels-Wrestlemania 25
This would be called the greatest match in Wrestlemania history I don't know about that but it was pretty damn good. They would do a rematch the next year which I really liked as well but I think this was the better of the 2. This was near the end of Shawn's in ring career, he would only go one more year, but he was as good as ever and the chemistry between these 2 was always something magic. Now again like the Taker/HHH match this is often over hyped but it's still great.
8) Triple H vs. Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels for the World title-Wrestlemania 20
This was the night for Benoit to become champion and what a better match to do that in. I remember watching this live and being so sucked in to what was happening, every little thing grabbed my attention and the in ring action was amazing. Now sadly this can't be looked back on by many because of what happened at the end of Chris Benoit's life but that shouldn't take away from this spectacular match.
7) Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair for WWE title-Wrestlemania 8
This was one of the first Mania's I ever watch I rented it from a video store and this match stayed with me. I loved it from Flair's incredible promos, Savage being Savage, Flair's hair turning red from blood or just the action in the ring. These 2 were outstanding in the ring and have put on some of the greatest matches ever so you knew this was going to be special. It should have gone on last but Hogan's ego didn't let that happen and we got one of the worst matches ever closing the show. Also if you haven't seen it check out Flair's post match promo it's just something else in a good way.
6) Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels-Wrestlemania 21
You could rename this list "Why Shawn Michaels is so great" because he's all over it but this is the last time I swear. Kurt was and is a machine, it's scary to think how bad of shape he's in physically and how good he still is in the ring. This feud was built great it started with a simple elimination at the Rumble and it built from there including Kurt saying "When I won an Olympic Gold medal in 1996 all I was hearing was how some guy called Shawn Michaels came from the rafters and put on a clinic at Wrestlemania". Kurt would try to out do everything Shawn did towards the match. On the night these 2 were magic and they saved Mania 21 in my book, it was one of the worst I've seen. They tried to repeat this in rematches but never really got the same feeling as they did here.
5) Chris Jericho vs. Christian-Wrestlemania 20
In my view this is one of the most overlooked matches in wrestling history. These 2 were so great and this could have been a main event feud, why Christian hasn't gotten a real run in the main event is beyond me. Built on Jericho falling in love with Trish Stratus and Christian turning on Jericho because he felt Jericho had chosen her over him. Wrestlemania 20 had a very stacked line up and this to me stand outs from the rest. On a side note I brought the massive Wrestlemania 20 collectors pack when it came out and in there is a freeze fame from this match, there's a ton more but that stand out to me right now.
4) Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart in a Submission match-Wrestlemania 13
Many talk about this match as being pretty much perfect and it's hard to argue. They were able to do the double switch and tell a great story throughout. It was the little things like Austin coming in with the glass breaking and Bret having to walk over that glass, he was annoyed at what WWE was putting him through and this was another example of that. It's amazing to think this match almost didn't happen as the original plans was for Bret to face Shawn in a rematch but Shawn lost his smile and I think Bret took his anger towards that situation and added it to his work ethic for this match. The finish with Austin bleeding in the sharpshooter is one of the most iconic moments in wrestling history and this was the making of him in many people's eyes.
3) Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage for the Intercontinental title-Wrestlemania 3
Not much more can be said about this match, it's known as one of the greatest of all time. This took place in 1987 and in my view it still holds up today some 26 years later. This could have made Ricky a big time star in WWE but for some reason he requested time off soon after this match and the company didn't appreciate it, I can understand why. Randy would go on to win the WWE title the next year even though he was meant to win the Intercontinental title but Honky Tonk man vetoed that so in many ways we should thank Honky, that's the only time we should thank him.
2) Steve Austin vs. The Rock in a No DQ match for the WWE title-Wrestlemania 17
In my opinion these are the 2 biggest stars of the attitude era and this was the biggest match in years and years. The arena looked incredible and these 2 had that something special when they wrestled. Now the only downfall to this match was the Austin heel turn at the end but I don't think it hurt the match that much overall. This match main evented Mania 3 times, only Triple H/Taker have done 3 matches at Mania but WWE like to forget that first one. Much like 19 this Mania is seen as one of the best of all time and this being the best match on there shows how good this was.
1) Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart-Wrestlemania 10
A opener at Wrestlemania 10 is my favourite Mania match ever and if you've seen this match I think you'll agree. This was Brother vs. Brother and this match helped launch Owen into a high profile picture. These 2 were doing moves that others weren't in 1994 and the fact Owen won shocked everyone especially when you consider that Bret was going on to win the WWE title later that night but it was done to set up a program between those 2 for the rest of the year. I think Owen is seriously overlooked in terms of his in ring talent, many have said that if he took it more seriously he would have been better than Bret as his in ring talent was already slightly better than Bret's. Wrestlemania 10 should not be gone back to at all except to watch this match over and over again.
Hopefully this has helped hype you up for Wrestlemania. I apologise for some of these videos being in different languages but you get what you can on Youtube. Now my question is will any matches on the upcoming Wrestlemania be put into this list? I think Punk/Taker has a shot but not much else., sorry Mania you still haven't grabbed me.

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