Thursday, 12 September 2013

NXT September 11th Review: A Very Slow Pace

So here's this week's NXT review which as far as I'm aware the only match announced is Paige vs. Sasha with Summer Rae in there somewhere for some reason. Let's begin shall we.
Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy vs. Scott Dawson & Alexander Rusev w/Sylvester LeForte: Enzo does his usual introduction and the fans join in. LeForte does his awful introduction which you can barely understand, I seriously don't understand why made him the mouth piece he must be that awful in the ring. I rolled my eyes when Regal says Dawson is “on the line of technical genius in the ring”. Enzo & Scott to start with tie up and Enzo gets a punch in while avoiding shots and makes the tag. Colin grabs a kick and hits a knee then a club to the back and another. Tag out to Enzo, who is in all leopard print, series of punches and Scott hits a short arm clothesline that turns Enzo upside down for a 2. Rusev gets a tag and a series of falling headbutts followed by knee strikes with Enzo laying on the ropes. Tag out and Enzo eats a back elbow after knocking Colin off the apron, Scott and Rusev hit a Hart Attack with a spinning heel kick instead of a clothesline and the ref calls for the bell randomly, Regal is saying that the ref got to a 5 count so it was a DQ I'm sorry but they can't have been in for a 5 count. Real flat, bad finish that makes no sense. These 4 guys didn't gel well together at all. Winners: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy
An advert for Bryan/Orton plays for Night of Champions and boy is Randy Orton just there in this, the heat is all on the McMahons.
Bo Dallas comes out for an interview excuse me while I do something else. Bo thanks everyone for the support, he says he believes he can fly at points. He says he came out last week to support Sami and he is Sami's mentor leading to the fans chanting for Sami. Bo says he'll give Sami a match but not a title match when he's healed. Fans were all over him here, I'll be fair and say this is better than normal but not by much. We go backstage with Renee Young who brings in CJ Parker, she asks about Tyler Breeze. CJ talks some hippy random stuff while looking at his hands and Breeze attacks from the side and takes a picture, this feud is dreadful.
Sasha Banks vs. Paige: Fans go crazy for Paige, Sasha is just random girl A in comparison. Fans chant “Happy Birthday” I'm guessing this was taped on her birthday who is 21. Sasha gets a arm ringer but Paige breaks it off and throws Sasha off the ropes chest first 2 times, Sasha gets a knee and attempts to do Paige's move but she blocks and does that move for a 3rd time for a 2. Paige sweeps for some pins, Sasha gets a bodyscissors and roll up for a 2. Sasha gets behind and they just stand there for a couple of minutes, looked odd. Paige hits a series of back elbows in the corner and chokes her, Sasha comes back by School girling Paige into the corner in a nice spot. We come back from break with Sasha locking in the camel clutch and then a rear chin lock. Sasha hits a back elbow for a 2 and gets back in the chin lock. Paige fights out and gets a school girl but then eats a dropkick for a 2 and again back into the chin lock, I like that keep going for the same hold. Paige bridges back for a 2 and Sasha gets a kick then attempts a suplex but Paige hits a nice snap suplex. Paige goes on the apron and hits a series of knee lifts on Sasha, Sasha gets a small package and avoids a dropkick. Sasha gets a crossbody but Paige rolls through for the win. I liked this match a lot actually, Sasha showed me a lot more than I was expecting. Paige goes to console Sasha but she keeps pushing her away and Sasha attacks from behind then hitting awful chops and a neckbreaker so she's now a heel. Winner: Paige
We go backstage with Summer Rae running into Sasha, Sasha says that felt good and she thanks her then hugs.
Leo Kruger vs. Xavier Woods: Woods recently appeared on a WWE house show signs he could be called up sometime soon. Woods comes out dancing, for someone who was attacked last week and is looking for revenge he probably shouldn't be dancing. Woods runs after Leo from the start and Leo keeps going into the ropes and then to the outside. Woods finally grabs him but Leo yanks his arm over he ropes and begins to attack it with elbows and a arm stunner, Leo then grabs an arm bar. This is all Woods trying to fight back and Leo dragging him back down into the arm bar, very little else but it's not needed for this story. Woods finally breaks out with an arm drag but Leo gets a knee, Woods then gets a tilt-a-whirl headscissors to send Leo to the outside. Woods goes for a plancha but Leo moves out of the way leading to a break. We come back with Leo putting in the boots and dropping elbows for a 1. Wrist clutch suplex for a 2, fans seem to have turned on this match a little. Back to the arm bar hold and into a hammerlock, much like earlier very little is happening but Woods getting driven back down. Woods hits a jaw breaker and leg kicks to come back. Woods floats over and hits a dropkick but runs into a backbreaker for a 2 followed by a suplex for a 2. Leo misses the Bret Hart elbow drop. Leo runs into a back elbow and Woods starts fighting back, hits a discuss punch and a dropkick. Woods goes for his rolling thunder clothesline but is caught into a spinebuster for a 2. Leo goes for a lariat but eats an Enzuigiri and hits “lost in the woods” for a 2 then hits his clothesline and Sole Food for the win. Honestly this match fell a little flat to me, they had slowed down so much that the fans fell out of it and even the finishing sequence couldn't pull them back in.
I left this show feeling as if very little happened to be honest, the divas were good and the main event wasn't dreadful but it was just lacking something. Nothing was set up for next week. So final thought is Meh this show was meh to me.

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