Thursday, 5 December 2013

NXT December 4th Review: The Tale of the Random Finish

Last week saw a fantastic match naming Adrian Neville as the no.1 contender and he'll challenge Bo Dallas for the title this week.
Natalya vs. Paige (c) for NXT Women's championship: So the match they teased last week is happening this week. For those who missed it the most random backstage segment set up this match. The 2 stare off before the match even starts but then shake hands. Tie up and headlock takedown by Nattie which Paige gets out off with a headscissors, this is repeated but the other way round. Nattie grabs a leg but Paige gets out with a hammerlock. Nattie comes back with a suplex then grabs an arm, Paige rolls through and hits a headbutt then roll up for a 2. Nattie gets a backslide and then her kick is caught but she rolls through and grabs a Indian Deathlock with her hands. Paige gets out with a headlock but Nattie returns the favour. Nattie hits a shoulder block then flips over and gets a school girl for a 2. Nattie attempts the sharpshooter but Paige crawls to the ropes and to the outside leading to break. We come back with Paige just throwing clubs at Nattie which gets her a 2 she then grabs a chinlock and yanks Nattie down when they get back up. Paige grabs an abdominal stretch. Nattie reverses into her own and even lifts up Paige's other leg. Paige comes back with a hip toss and hits stomps in the corner. Nattie gets hit with a boot on the apron and Paige gets her knee lifts but Nattie grabs one and hits a dragon screw then boots. The 2 hit each other with a cross body for a double down. Paige gets up at 7 but misses a leg drop allowing Nattie to hit a clothesline, slap and suplex followed by a michinoku driver for a 2. Nattie hits a discuss clothesline after missing a back body drop for a 2. Nattie gets the sharpshooter and drags her away from the rope but she rolls through sending Paige into the corner, a nice counter. Double down with both getting up at 8 but straight into the Paige turner for the win. A really good match here hurt a bit by a quiet crowd honestly but still good. The 2 hug after and celebrate. Winner and still champion: Paige
We get a .com exclusive from Antonio Cesaro about Regal. He says Regal shouldn't stick his nose in his business, Leo Kruger pops in to thank him for what he did to him. He asks to be a Real American. Cesaro says he'll talk to Zeb if Leo does him a favour, they then whisper to each about it and mentioning Sami Zayn meaning that it will be something against him. This makes a little sense except last time these 2 were together Cesaro was beating the hell out of Kruger.
Aiden English vs. ???: We come back to see Jobber A in the ring and before he's announced Aiden interrupts. He actually gets his full entrance this week. Tie up and Aiden keeps getting caught in a arm ringer. Headlock by Aiden who pulls the hair and then boots to the gut followed by a swinging neckbreaker and 3 falling clubs. Suplex by Aiden and the Director's Cut for the win in a quick squash. Bit of rehab for Aiden after the past couple of weeks. Winner: Aiden English
Before Aiden goes to the back Antonio Cesaro comes out, he lets Aiden leave. He apologises to Bryon Saxon saying he lost his cool and wants him on the stage to apologise in person. Bryon does come on stage and the 2 shake hands, Cesaro apologises again saying he lost his temper and does it in 5 languages. Saxon accepts it, Cesaro asks him to do the “we the people” with him which he reluctantly does and Cesaro asks if he's making fun of him leading to him pushing Saxon about and keeps looking for Regal to come out and then slaps Saxon down. Another .com exclusive with Sami Zayn, he says the better man won and it's hard to come so close but be so far leading to Leo attacking him from behind.
Tyson Kidd vs. Leo Kruger: Apparently back in February Leo tried to attack Kidd who was talking about his injury. Kidd hits a back elbow, leg kicks, spinning heel kick, spinning gut kick and low dropkick quickly. Leo kicks him off and nails some punches. Kidd blocks a body drop and hits a suplex, he grabs the leg but Leo gets to the ropes. Kidd hits a neckbreaker for a 2 followed by forearms and chops. Shoulder blocks in the corner leads to Leo hitting a knee lift then chokes with his boot. Leo grabs the leg and hits a stunner on it then a leg kick leading to break. We come back with Leo in control with a dragon screw, double leg and Leo gets the sharpshooter. Sami comes out and gets on the apron distracting Leo allowing Kidd to get a roll up for a 3. Bit of a flat finish here actually bit of a flat match between the 2. Winner: Tyson Kidd
It's announced that Sami will face Leo next week. Another .com exclusive this time with Sin Cara sorry Hunico and Camacho they say they have to take everything they want and they will take the title. They end speaking in Spanish and I still don't care one bit about this or the champs.
Adrian Neville vs. Bo Dallas (c) for NXT Championship: In ring introductions. At this point I'd like to say Alex Riley has been extra annoying tonight, he's trying to be like Regal and play of Renee but it's just not working. Tie up and Adrian grabs a arm ringer, Bo reverses but Adrian gets out after several flips and Bo goes on the apron. Back in and Bo hits a boot to the gut, Adrian floats over and does several flips to the other corner hits a slingshot crossbody and then a dropkick making Bo go to the outside again. Bo hits a forearm while the ref tries to get a clean break, another forearm for a 2 and the 2nd turnbuckle pad flies off somehow. Bo grabs a kravate and hits a knee lift when Neville finally fights back. Bo hits a clothesline in the corner and a bulldog for a 2. Scoop slam and a series of knee drops for a 2. Bo pulls down a knee pad and misses a 2nd rope knee drop. Series of leg kicks and jumping forearms followed by a spinning kick and low dropkick for a 2. Neville hits a twisting tope con heelo to the outside which gets him a 2 coming back in. Neville gets a scoop slam and climbs up to the top but Bo escapes to the outside allowing Neville to hit a crossbody of the top to the outside. Both men are outside and Neville gets in at 9 but Bo fails to do so leading to Neville winning. Kind of a weak finish honestly and the match stopped when it was actually picking up a bit. Winner: Adrian Neville
I'd say this was a better flowing show than last week's but pretty average in ring. A lot of finishes tonight just seemed odd and pretty much out of nowhere. I think they made 2 mistakes in terms of the booking of the show, 1 was putting both Natalya & Tyson Kidd on the same show as we got more sharpshooters then we should have and 2 was putting the title match this week as all we could think about was the Sami match for the week before.

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