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NXT July 10th 2013: Showing it's Best, well Mostly.

Before I start this week’s NXT review I’d like to mention that I was a big fan of the Wyatt family’s debut on Raw, I think fans are backlashing it because they feel they should. I’ve heard a lot of “Bray shouldn’t replace Kane in the money in the bank match it’s too soon” when in my opinion it’s not at all, no one has said he’s going in it or that he’s winning it. If you put him in there and show him as a threat you’ve made a big star or at least helped push him and with WWE as it is they need more big stars so why not try it, the whole trio is a unique thing in WWE so run with it. With that said let’s start this week’s NXT.
Summer Rae vs. Emma in Semi-Finals of NXT Women’s title tournament: Starting off the show with a match and my heart sunk when I heard Brad Maddox on commentary, why did they make him GM except to punish us. The fans popped big for Emma, she is really over and hopefully that would translate if she gets called up. During Emma’s entrance Rae looks at an imaginary watch and says “Come on” a fair point I guess. Tie up to start with the 2 breaking off and Rae yelling “You wanna go?” this is followed by a face plant and an awful pin from Rae that didn’t even look like a pin. Lots of choking from Rae but she gets a suplex for a 2 followed by a leg drop on the arm. Rae is yelling abuse at Emma while she has an arm stretch on, I said this last time with Rae but she’s a great heel. The arm stretch lasts quite some time and Emma fights out to get a school girl but is then cut off with a drop kick and Rae locks on a chinlock. Emma uses her butt to fight out, Rae runs into the corner with Emma escaping to the apron and getting a sunset flip for a 2 followed by a drop toe hold into the turnbuckle and a low crossbody for a near fall. Rae attempts a sunset flip Emma sits down for a 2, Rae then rolls through for a 2 and Emma rolls through that for the 3 count to a big pop. So we have Emma vs. Paige in the finals. Emma dances but Rae attacks from behind leading to Paige making the save. The 2 women have a face off and Emma ends it by dancing. Interesting they didn’t do Paige/Rae in the finals since they had a program in the past but I like this match as well. As for the match itself it was a good match and the divas really shine when on NXT. Winner: Emma
The main event for the show is William Regal, Adrian Neville & Corey Graves vs. the Wyatt family in a 6 man tag. And next we get Sami Zayn vs. Leo Kruger. But before that we get another advert for RVD’s return this Sunday, I’m glad they’ve left it until the PPV for his return they’ve built it well. Backstage we see Dusty Rhodes with a Bayley talking about how his ring has the WWE logo on it. Dusty says the she has energy and asks why she wanted to hug Alicia Fox. She says she was just excited to be in WWE, she stops talking as Ric Flair and his daughter Charlotte enter the room. The match is made between Bayley and Charlotte for next week, Bayley then asks for a woo which Ric gives and she then does her own.
Sami Zayn vs. Leo Kruger: Sami is still getting “Ole” from the crowd, give it time and that will die down I think. Chants for Sami when the bell is rung, he’s got over really fast to no surprise. Leo goes for a single leg but Sami floats over and gets a school boy for a 1. Brad brings up the “Ole” chants saying that Sami is from Canada so the fans are confused. Match is pretty much Sami out wrestling Kruger at the start so this leads to Kruger getting the advantage with a kick and then puts on a headlock. Leo gets a shoulder block which somehow results in a reply, we come back to Sami getting a series of arm drags and then the 10 corner punches in English but Leo carries him out to an atomic drop but Leo then eats a leg lariat. Leo is on the outside and Sami attempts a suicide dive but he eats a forearm leading to a break. Back from break Leo is attack Sami in the corner with strikes and he then gets a nice snap suplex for a 2. Leo hammerlocks the arm and starts dropping knees on it. Sami floats over Leo in the corner and runs off the ropes into a beautiful spinebuster by Leo, Arn Anderson like, for a 2. Leo goes to the 2nd rope and misses a Bret Hart style elbow. Sami gets up and comes back with 2 clotheslines and a dropkick for a 2, Leo then eats an elbow in the corner and Sami jumps from the 2nd to the top rope and hits a crossbody for a 2. Sami then hits a knee as he runs into the corner, Leo throws Sami shoulder first into the post and locks on a Fujiwara armbar but Sami gets the rope. Sami floats over a bodyslam attempts but Leo hits a series of elbows as Sami attempts a back suplex and as Leo tries to run off he’s pulled back into a Blue Thunder bomb for a near fall by Sami. Sami gets caught on the top rope and Leo hits a top rope superplex. Leo hits an arm DDT and locks on the GC3 for the tap out win. What a great match and it didn’t hurt Sami one bit for losing. Winner: Leo Kruger
Backstage with Renee interviewing Regal, Neville and Graves. She asks if tonight will end the feud with the Wyatt family. Neville says it’s just a taste of what they have in store for them and apparently Graves & Neville are now getting the tag title shot Graves & Ohno won. Graves says he’s heard a lot of talk and tonight his fists are doing the talking. Regal starts by saying Renee is lovely making her giggle, he puts on a Neville’s accent for some fun and then says the best thing the Wyatt’s can do is take the beating and stay down. We then get an advert for the War Games DVD, it would be interesting to see if WWE picked up the concept if the DVD sells well. We then get an ad for Total Divas which I still don’t care about on bit.
Mason Ryan vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy: I groaned seeing Ryan come out, he’s just awful and he stares at the hard camera and yells while flexing he looks so stupid. Enzo cuts a promo saying last week was a fluke  he ends saying 1 + 1 = 3.14 time to eat your pie. I’m more interested in Enzo than Ryan or Colin and so is the crowd.  Ryan attacks Colin and Enzo jumps on his back, he’s flipped off and Colin attacks from behind. The duo get the advantage but get knocked down with a double shoulder block. Ryan hits a corner clothesline on Colin and scoops up Enzo but he’s hit with a big boot and Enzo gets a 2. The duo then just attack Ryan and he fights back scoops up Colin but gets chop blocked and gets pinned. What a weak finish and a bad match but at least it wasn’t long. Winners: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassidy
An advert for Money in the Bank looking at Henry’s retirement angle which was simply fantastic but that match won’t be at all. Backstage Dusty Rhodes talks about how he loves being in his role and talks about last week’s main event and makes a triple threat match to name a No.1 Contenders match between Sami Zayn, Leo Kruger & Antonio Cesaro for next week which should be great.
Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatts, Luke Harper & Eric Rowen) vs. William Regal, Adrian Neville & Corey Graves: The family come out with Bray cutting a promo he says his heart bleeds for them and no matter what they do they keep coming back and fighting, he thinks within time they will realise this was a mistake and they will see him as a wolf. A nice promo as always from Bray but during it there was the odd “Husky Harris” chant which I don’t get since he’s transformed himself so well and it’s been years since he was that guy, some fans are just dicks really. Eric and Neville start and Neville strikes result in nothing, a low leg kick and a drop kick does some damage and this leads to Regal getting tagged in and he rocks Eric with forearms and knees leading to Graves getting tagged. They didn’t leave the corner until Graves was tagged in, Graves gets knocked down by a shoulder block and Luke gets tagged in and hits a nice right hand to the body. Cory floats over really nicely on a bodyslam attempt and does a hanging guillotine over the rope. Regal does a series of back kicks and Neville does the same. The Family go to the outside to gather themselves. We go to break showcasing 3 matches for next week and I wanted to shoot my screen when Bo Dallas vs. Scott Dawson was shown. We come back to see Luke has the advantage on Neville but Neville moonsaults over him, gets a low dropkick and then a low kick. Luke pushes him to the ropes and Bray gets a clothesline and a tag, he does a seated senton and a tag to Luke. Luke gets a European and does his “Yeah yeah yeah” which the fans have grabbed. A back elbow for a 2, Luke really comes off as the work horse in this trio every time I see a match like this he’s in there the majority of the time. Eric gets the tag and a massive bodyslam for a 2. A knee by Eric followed by another and his pumphandle back breaker, a trademark of his. Eric puts his boot on Neville’s head and locks in a single leg crab, he lets go and hits an elbow. Bray gets tagged and hits some headbutts but misses a corner splash, Neville fights back and attempts a crucifix but is dropped for a 2. Luke back in and Neville gets a jawbreaker, he tries to jump over for the tag but is hit with a spinebuster. Luke attempts a suplex but Neville gets a knee to the head and a school boy, he gets a kick to the head from the ground and finally tags in Regal but hits a series of forearms and then knees. Regal gets an exploder suplex and attacks the other 2 members and hits the trembler to Luke but Eric makes the saves and Graves takes him to the outside leading to Neville hitting the Sasuke special. Bray gets the tag and hits Sister Abigal for the 3. I was expecting more fight from Regal here but that a side this was a really good match which is usually with these guys, also the pin on Regal helps build Bray that bit more. The show then ends with Bray posing in the ring. Winners: The Wyatt Family
Overall this show was great outside of the one short hiccup *cough* Mason Ryan *cough* I can’t think of anything I didn’t like, tons was set up for next week’s show and everything in the ring was really solid. Its shows like this that illustrates why I love NXT so much.

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