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I've had the subject of Fate on my mind for a little bit now and so I've decided to express my thoughts through this media. So let me tell you a story which shows how fate has been involved in my life, in my view.

Several years ago I had to choose which college I was going to go to, now in Leicester there were only 3 Q.E., Gateway and Leicester College. With Q.E. being the closest to me and hearing that a fair few of my friends where going there I went there. And here's where fate first introduced itself into my life.
On the first day we were informed that we had to pick 5 subjects to study, 4 main ones and a back up just in case one of the 4 you wanted were taken. So heading out to talk to teachers about the subject there were only 3 subjects I knew I wanted to do. The first 2 were Maths and History, the reason behind the choice was simple I did well at these subjects on GCSE level and enjoyed them so thought I would continue them. My third choice was Law as I was fascinated with famous murder/crime cases so I thought Law would teach me more. However this meant I needed 2 more to choose so my mind thought I'd be doing Law, Politics isn't a far cry away and the two seem connected so I went to talk to the teachers. After the talk I realised that Politics sounded boring to me and I'd hate it so it was my back up. So I looked for another subject and came across Psychology, it looked interesting and the teacher sold it to me really so that was my 4th choice. Luckily I got my 4 choices and college life could begin.
Beginning the first year I thought to myself that it would be a year full of 4 subjects that I would like doing, that didn't happen. You see it ended up being 3 subjects I liked and one I hated, that one was history. Whether it was the fact the teacher wasn't great, I didn't enjoy what we learned, I couldn't understand what was expected from me or a combination of these factors the fact is I couldn't stand it. As a matter of fact I had a running bet with a course mate on who would do worse on assignments, he always seemed to do worse than me which meant he kept winning the bet!
The good thing was that I was really liking my other subjects. Could do the maths well, was really into psychology and what we learned, expect for Freud the bastard! And I was kicking ass at Law, to the point where in class if the teacher asked a question and got no response they would ask me and I'd give them the answer, not bragging but I just took to the subject really well. So as the end of 1st year approached I was relived to hear that we only do 3 subjects in 2nd year, guess which one got dropped?
So 2nd year and I found myself in a similar position, loving certain subjects and hating another this time it was maths. It got too complicated for something that you can only really use to teach, I seriously don't see another kind of job you can get with it. So I stopped caring about it, rather stupid I know but it's how I am. The end of 2nd year came closer and closer with University looming over everyone I knew. All I knew was that I couldn't choose between Law and Psychology, my thought process should of been choose universities that offer them as a joint course but it wasn't. You see I choose my universities by asking my friends 'Which one are you going too?' and I would choose either Psychology, Law or a combination of the 2, at least that's what I thought when I picked them, and then apply. So by doing this I found Sheffield Hallam which did Psychology & Law so it became my top choice.

After I was accepted into Sheffield Hallam the next bunch of choices came in the form of accommodation. So I talked to my buddy who was going the same university and we picked pretty much the same places, the problem was that we didn't say that we wanted to live in the same place so we ended up in different places which was a blessing in disguise. You see I ended up in a place called Pearl House and got put with some truly awesome people, I loved lively with them and although there were some minor problems here and there the year went without incident so when it came to 2nd year we decided the majority of us would live with each other again. This is when some problems arised. There was also a problem with the course I was doing, after the first year I had failed 2 law modules and hated doing it, so with that in mind I talked to a tutor and switched to just Psychology, which would make the 2nd year a little easier on me when it came to work load and enjoying it. Back to my point about the living arrangements.
With such a big group of us, there was about 8 or so, a house was out of the question so we got student accommodation again which was cheaper, bigger and what we liked more. We would live together but some first years would as well, the place had about 15 rooms and that is too many. Now I'm not saying the addition were bad but with such a big group smaller groups would be formed. I didn't really fit in a certain group I'd say as I was pretty happy talking to anyone who wanted to talk but looking back there was a chance I was in a smaller group. Would need someone who isn't me to tell me. So over the course of the year there were some arguments here and there and groups decided to hang by themselves. By the middle of second year I was a little worried about living arrangements for next year, with these separations in a way and a number of our friends going on placement outside of Sheffield I was afraid I would have to start again but that wasn't the case as 5 of us found a house and we moved there. What's funny is I'm now in 4th year and living back in Student accommodation but that's a different story which won't be told.

Now I may have gone off a bit there but there's a reason for it.
You see it was fate that made me pick Psychology as that 4th choice at college and here I am mere months away from finishing university and what's my degree in Psychology. Every year I would hate another subject and wouldn't be able to handle doing them so it seems by process of elimination I was meant to do Psychology. And honestly I'm happy about that, I've learned that it wasn't the crimes that had me hooked it was understanding what makes people like that to commit such crimes. I really love forensic psychology and that's something I'd love to do as a career.
I know I went on about living arrangements while at University but there's a reason. You see I got lucky to be put in that building on that floor with those people, I loved everyone and was so happy to be there. I know of some people who only find a handful of people on their fall that they want to live with for the following year, we had pretty much the entire fall that we wanted to keep together. Now sadly over the years we've kind of drifted apart a bit and we're all over Sheffield this year. I also don't talk to them as regularly as I do except for one person which is Sarah. If I had never been put in that building on that floor I would of never of met her and would of likely gone insane while in Sheffield, something I've told her on several occasions. She's gone from being my flatmate, to being my friend at Uni, to being one of the people I'm most close to and one of my best friends. She's the only one who's come down to Leicester to visit me and the only one I've gone to visit while back home for summer break. I've I had never of been put in that place would of never met her.

There are more examples of fate being involved in my life and could be here forever but will give you one more, which comes in the form meeting my best friends.
I would tell you how I met Jason but I honestly don't remember as we were that young, we've been friends for nearly all our life's. But I can tell you about meeting Alex who has become like a brother to me. We met while at 'High school' through a mutual friend, he was in all the same groups as my friend and we would hang out so I got introduced to him. And we've joked that after all these years, a decade plus, it's weird how we met and how we've become such friends.

I know there are people out there who believe 'God' looks over them and what happens is 'Gods' doing, I'm not one of them I'm not even religious in any sense of the word. But to me there are a number of events that have occurred in my life that I see as being fate. You can say it's just look but to me it's not. This is a weird subject that generally people either belief or not, it's like luck or religion. But to me fate is real, it doesn't effect everything I do but I think it's played a part on my aspects of my life which I'm thankful for.

This is kind of long and I wasn't intended it to be but if you read this would like to say thank you and let me know what you think.

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