Saturday, 19 February 2011

Something you just remember

As wrestling fans there's time that we see a match and we know that it will stick with us for the rest of our lives. Everyone has their own personal favourites for their own reason and so I'm gonna give you my 5 (I have a thing for 5's and 10's when it comes to lists). This are in no real order but there the 5 matches that stick with me the most.

Terry Funk vs. Sabu-No Rope Barbed Wire Match from Born to be Wired
When I started watching wrestling in mid 97 I quickly became a fan of hardcore wrestling and fell in love with ECW, when I could find it in the UK. So when I found the Born to be Wired DVD I was interested, although the under card didn't really catch my attention the main event did. So I brought it and watched the show and all I can say is I didn't expect what I watched in that match. Anyone who has seen it knows how brutal it was and how sick yet I couldn't turn away. Hearing the inside story it's interesting to see that a lot of what they had planned was thrown out after the bicep injury and the finishing wasn't what was plan yet it doesn't take away from the match. I remember Funk yelling at Sabu 'I don't give a shit about your arm' when he was taping it up, I remember watching the 2 of them wrapped in the wire and unable to escape. It was one of the most brutal matches I've had seen at that point and it still is, a undeniable classic.

Necro Butcher vs. Samoa Joe-IWA MS Something to Prove
In my view something that makes a match great is the atmosphere and the fans involvement, whether it's something that's built over the process of the match or something that's there from the beginning which is not all the time. With that being said this match had the most intense atmosphere from the very beginning. The fans just wanted to see what these two would do against each other and it didn't disappoint. Probably the most intense match from beginning to end I've ever seen and something that you feel involved with from the very beginning. I seriously can't give this match justice and it's something you just have to see. A funny side note the show was part of a double header with CZW later that night which saw Necro team with Toby Klein to put on a classic with the H8 Club, Necro but on 2 classics in the span of a few hours.

Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero-CZW Out with the Old, In with the New
This match was the end of a near 2 year feud in CZW which saw so many twists and turns but it was the perfect end to the feud. This was 2 men beating the hell out of each other and putting on a fantastic wrestling match. Since I saw so much of the feud (there's a 10 part serious of videos on youtube which highlight it very well) and because these 2 are 2 of my favourite wrestlers I may be a little bit bias but it was voted match of the year. This match really shows that you don't have to go insane to get the fans involved, the finish was a Backfist which Kingston nailed on Hero and it was believable. They didn't have to do flips or anything insanely hardcore, these 2 just put on a war which was the perfect end to the feud. The only drawback was the crap that occurred after with Zandig however it was edited from the DVD so you don't see it.

Kris Travis vs. Martin Kirby-Pro Wrestling 101 Unstoppable
You won't find this match anywhere! The short lived 101 company went out of business after this show, it's funny that the last show was called Unstoppable. And so the show was never released on DVD which annoyed me since I paid and pre-ordered it. Anyways this was the first live show I went to. I came back from visiting my friend in Bolton and when passing my Universities Union a saw a poster for the show, looked at the line up got a ticket and went. So I should remember the first match or the main event, maybe the crazy no rules Triple Threat Tag match but I remember this match. For all those non British fans Travis and Kirby form the team know as Project Ego from time to time and I find that former tag partners put on great matches against each other, look at Chris Harris and James Storm in TNA. Back to the match itself, it was insane. Whether it was Kris Travis' disgusting saliva antics, the crazy action in the ring which included a spot of Travis jumping to the top rope with Kirby there and Kirby pulling of a super Orange Crush bomber and so much more. This match was so good it got a standing ovation from the crowd and it deserved it. I got so lucky to be in the building to see that match since the arena was pretty small it could only hold about 250 and was near sell out. Again it's sad that it can't be seen by any one who wants to see it.

Owen Hart vs. Goldust vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley-Triple Threat for Intercontinental title with Pat Patterson as Special Referee from Raw is War 1997
A little story. In July 1997 I was allowed to stay up late for the first time ever and had control of the TV, I rarely got to the TV in our house. So after flicking through the channels I came onto Sky Sports and saw this Triple Threat match take place. To say this is one of the worst matches to be the first example of pro wrestling is a understatement. With the 3 guys fighting for this title, each with their own corner person (Brain Pillman, Terri Runnels and Chyna) each interfering and the false finish with Goldust winning but Owen's foot was on the rope so was restarted it was very confusing. I had no clue what was going on, what the rules were or what sport this was but you know what I didn't care. This is the match that started it all for me, every since this I've been a die hard wrestling fan. Years later I revisited this match with a new set of eyes and it isn't actually that bad, pretty good when you consider just who is in it. Now this is by no means a classic or a must watch match but it sticks with me because it was the first I ever saw.

To be honest I could be here for ages writing down matches that I just love and stick with me mentally, and lets face it any wrestling fan can do the same. There are so many books and articles with 'Matches you must see' as the title but I personally feel that those matches, although good, will not stick with you as must as those that mean something to you personally.

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