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10 Reasons to love the women in the biz!

So it's this time of year where everyone does a review of the previous year well I'm not doing that. Instead I want to give you 10 reasons why you should love or should have loved female wrestling. This subject has been on my mind for a bit now and so thought I'd actually write it up. Now before I start the reason will cover wrestling for over the years and not just current day, also there is no order to the list these are just 10 reasons. So lets begin.

The Fabulous Moolah
Let's face it when you think of a legend in women's wrestling you think of Moolah. She made a business that was all men into a business where women were accepted. Moolah has gone down in history for having the 2nd most reigns as women's champion and for the longest reign, which cannot ever be broken. Moolah was the first female inducted in the Hall of Fame and she was seen as so important that WWE brought her back more and more just to help improve the women's scene as much as she could. Now sadly Moolah has passed away but her impact will forever be felt.

Trish Stratus vs. Lita
When WWE brought back the Women's title it really didn't mean much at all, it was just there and no champion really made a true impact until these two came along. Lita became one of the biggest stars and best workers, you could see her passion when she was out in the ring. She has also been apart of the only 2 Raw main events which were for the Women's title, a match with Stephanie McMahon and a match with Trish. Speaking of which Trish got into WWE as a manager and nothing more but she would learn and become one of the best workers. Trish managed to get the most title reigns and put on some of the best matches which brings me to the feud. Now they've wrestled over and over for years and the matches were also great to watch. The high point was Trish's retirement match at Unforgiven in Toronto, it was a awesome match which saw Trish go out on a high note winning her final Women's title by using the Sharpshooter, the reaction was great and it's gone down as one of the best women's matches.

Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus from Wrestlemania 22
This was a rare thing in wrestling, this match had several months of build up and story and it was one of the last times that 2 women were allowed to go out and wrestle at Mania. They got plenty of time, told a great story and put on a potential show stealer, if it wasn't for Foley vs. Edge it would of had a shot. This was was truly awesome and it showed how talented these 2 were/are. Now sadly they didn't get many matches in the series as Trish got injured in the rematch but still this match alone should make women wrestlers proud.

Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong
What a series this was. When TNA brought the Knockouts title into creation many questioned why, lets face it TNA didn't have many women wrestlers and it had no division to speak off. And once Gail was crowned the 1st champion we didn't know what was next for her. To our surprise and pleasure her next feud would be against Awesome Kong. Every match they had was truly epic and some of the best wrestling you would see that year, they would steal the show so much so that they would have a main event match on Impact. We can only dream that WWE will allow them to have these kind of matches again now Kong is signed but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Taylor Wilde vs. Awesome Kong
Once Kong had gained the Knockouts title we had to ask what was next for her. Sure she would be given some decent opponents but they made her a monster and so she would retain time and time again. This would lead to the weekly or so Kong challenge, were she would accept any challenger and the winner would get money and the title. We got to see some old faces and new during this time but it was just there to establish the fact no one could beat her. Until Taylor accepted the challenge, the moment she beat Kong was truly shocking and amazing. The match was off the chart and reminded us of the Kim/Kong series. They would have several rematches with Wilde winning each being as good as the last. Sadily Wilde wouldn't succeed as champion and like Kong left TNA this past year. Still we should remember how good the division was.

Sara Del Rey & Daizee Haze
When you speak about the best women's wrestlers going today you think of these 2 names. Women in the business today say that these 2 are probably the best women wrestlers going. Del Rey has put on some of the best women's matches I've ever seen and more to the point I've never seen a bad match from her. Daizee is the same, she's a truly great wrestler. There so talented that they are the only 2 women signed to ROH and have been for years. Over the last year these 2 have shown that there not just great women wrestlers but great wrestlers as they've been facing off with men as a tag team in Chikara and even managed to get 3 points which meant they could challenge for the tag titles. These two are truly great wrestlers and a must see when on the card.

Bit of a personal choice here but she's a damn good wrestler. Lufisto was smart as she would face off with men on a regular basis which meant that she could get booked in more indy promotions. And she would even do death matches, which would result in her beating the Necro Butcher in the finals of a death match tournament. She is extremely tough and popular, she was voted the fans choice Best of the Best in the one tournament she was in. And when it comes to matches one of the best has been her vs. ODB from Jersey All Pro in a Last Women Standing match. Seeing her work shows that she truly loves this business.

Ayako Hamada
Sadily she was very misused in TNA however it does not take away from the fact that she's a truly epic wrestler. In Shimmer I haven't seen her have a single bad match and more to the point there have all been truly amazing. The match between her and Sara Del Rey had to be up there with any of the best matches I've ever seen in women's wrestling. She has to be a top contender to the Shimmer championship now. Sadily I'm not sure what the future holds for her or if we'll see more of her but if she keeps going to Shimmer then at least we'll have one way to watch her work.

Manami Toyota
It was talked about in the last issue of Powerslam magazine about who could be considered the best wrestler ever and it was pointed out that 'Many call Toyota the best female wrestler ever and you could argue best wrestler ever'. Now I haven't been able to see much of her however she made her US debut in 2010 in my favourite company Chikara and man was I impressed. She may have only had 2 matches but they were truly great matches, she worked Daizee Haze on the first match and then teamed with Mike Quackenbush to face Claudio Castagnoli & Sara Del Rey on the second night. Now both nights she got the win and both nights she got 'This is awesome' chants and it was well deserved. Toyota is truly awesome and is one of the best I've ever seen.

A company that revolves around women's wrestling and does a great job at it. Not only is Shimmer a good women's promotion but it's a great promotion in general. They have some of the best women wrestlers in the world from Japan, Australia, Canada and England. They are currently on their 3rd Shimmer champion the 1st being Sara Del Rey, 2nd being MsChif and now Madison Eagles, she's not well known here but she's really talented and deserves the spot. They even introduced tag titles which are one the Canadian Ninjas (Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews) who are not only 2 of the most over heels but 2 of the best women wrestlers going today.
Now Shimmer maybe a company you ignore because it's women's wrestling but that would be dumb to do. If you pick it up because one match looks good you'll find that there isn't a bad match on the card. You may not know the girls but you'll see how good there are. Like I said this list is not order but if it was this would be the number 1 reason to love women's wrestling.

There you have it 10 reasons why you should love women's wrestling. Let me know what you think and if you agree.

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