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Should of, Would of Part 1

When it comes to the world of wrestling the phrase above is very meaningful. Many times fans will say 'If he had stayed he would of got a big push' and more often 'He should of got a push'. So I've deserved to look at both of these things. I've came up with a list of guys who I think would of gone on to bigger things if they had stayed in one place or another. And the reason why this is part 1 is that I'm gonna look at the 'should of' tomorrow in another blog. So with that said lets begin.

The Embassy (Alex Shelley & Jimmy Rave) in Ring of Honor
In 2006 these 2 were a regular tag team and one of the most hated stables in Ring of Honor, with Prince Nana by their side they looked and acted like they would be a big deal in the future. Sadly Shelley would go full time with TNA within a year and they would break up the Embassy and send Nana away. Now Rave did get a few World title matches however  he was never believable as a threat towards the champion.
Lets look at the team itself. Rave had one of the best entrance moments in the company with the toilet paper being thrown at him, it always looked great and showed how hated he was. As a team they were great, both are great in the ring and they worked off each other well. They did get a small push early in 2006 as with Abyss they won King of Trios and both had World title matches against Bryan Danielson, both matches were great. However they didn't get much else. Personally I think they could of be a serious threat towards the tag titles which was held by Austin Aries & Roderick Strong at the time, the 2 teams had major history and they could of played of that.
Now I think the thing that hurt Rave the most was when Nana left, Nana was the missing piece to his act and when he left he never found it again. But when it comes to Shelley he had everything you need to be a great wrestler, amazingly talented, great personality with the ability to make you love him or hate him and he can cut a great promo. With or without Nana in my view he would of been the Ring of Honor champion, I seriously believe that Gabe would of put some focus on him and made him a big name. Sadly we have to watch TNA waste his talent giving him very little time and time again, still at least he has some of the best matches on the card.

Jimmy Jacobs in Ring of Honor
He was one of the companies main stars, the Age of the Fall storyline went on for years and was always great to watch. His team with Tyler put on some great tag main events as champions and his feud with Austin Aries was simply amazing and brutal. But the one thing Jimmy never got was a run with the main belt, he was never Ring of Honor World champion and in my opinion if he had stayed with the company he would of ended up with the belt at some point. He was already a part-time main event star, usually main eventing when the champion was in a non-title match or a tag match of sorts. However he was never really promoted as a main event star he just happened to be there. In all honesty Jimmy is everything you need in a champion, great psychology, great look that is forever changing and he's able to talk people into paying attention to him. And with Tyler Black getting a push and eventually a reign as World champion we could of seen a feud between the 2 for the title instead, maybe even Jimmy ending his reign. 
It has to be said that since leaving Ring of Honor other companies have invested in Jimmy in a big way, Evolve has him in one of the only true feuds in the company against Johnny Gargano and there are rumours that he is the guy picked to end BxB Hulks Open the Freedom Gate title reign. So it seems that one companies lost is another gain.

Bobby Lashley in WWE
Let's  face it. Lashley was everything Vince McMahon loves in a wrestler. A big muscular guy, who can do some impressive atlethic things, with very little promo skills, no personality and not a lot of wrestling ability. Why Vince didn't actually make him champion before he left surprises me.
With that said Lashley was already in the process of getting a big push. He had a serious with McMahon himself were he looked unbeatable (he beat Vince, Shane and Umaga in the same match in less then a minute), he then got 2 WWE title matches (one was a multi man scramble and the other was a lose in a surprisingly good match with John Cena). The push ended when he was injured and had to take time off. So with that said it was a for gone conclusion that when he returned he would of continued the push and would of been WWE or World champion within months of his return.
Personally I'm glad it never happened, it was shown during his TNA run just how bad he is in the ring and how that lead to the fans turning on him. Sound familiar *cough* Cena *cough*!?!

Mr. Kennedy if he stayed on Smackdown
Mr. Kennedy was a guy who got multiple pushes which resulted in very little which is rather sad when you consider how over he was at the time. Now famously won the Money in the Bank which guarantees a run with the main belt, however when WWE needed him to cash it in he got injured so he lost the title shot to Edge who won the title. What would happen after that? Well he would get transferred Raw and got lost in the sea of big stars that is the Raw locker room. He would never really get a push again, rumours of him being Vince McMahon's son (a big story at the time) were taken away and given to Hornswoggle because that was smart wasn't it?
When you look at Kennedy on Smackdown he looked like a world champion. His work may not of been the best all the time however he was one of the most over guys on the show. I remember watching him get a shot at Batista at the Royal Rumble and the fans loved Kennedy and wanted him to win. They would finally see him win the big one as he is the current TNA World champion, unfortunately that title is a bit of a joke these days and all you need to win it is have 'Worked for WWE' on your C.V.

Kenny Omega in Ring of Honor and the USA
Kenny Omega is a big star in Japan right now, a main guy in the DDT promotion and one half of the current IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag champs with Kota Ibushi. This sadly means that we rarely get to see this great wrestler in the US. However there was a time where Omega was a regular in America and in Ring of Honor. Omega was a great mix of comedy from time to time and just great wrestling. Now he did get a reign as Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World champion after winning the 2009 Battle of Los Angeles however he would lose it to Davey Richards because he was to focused on working in Japan, bad news for PWG as for the same reason Davey would vacant the title just months later. But back to Omega and his run in Ring of Honor.
Kenny would have to go through the ringer in ROH and work his way to the top and he did, he worked with everyone he was put with him and he would get great reviews in nearly all his matches. Omega would get picked for a main event shot when he worked with Davey Richards in a awesome match, this would lead onto a title shot against Austin Aries and again it would be an awesome match. Soon after Omega would start working in Japan full time and would only be able to make the odd weekend for Ring of Honor which meant he could be nothing more then a special attraction. I truly believe that Omega would of become a main eventer and possibly have a reign as world champion, he is a guy who lets the fans have fun and a laugh but can also make them remember why they love pro wrestling, he is that good in the ring and is easily a main eventer. It's sad that he's so focused on Japan as it's very unlikely that he can get past where he is right now, at best a reign as IWGP Jr. champ.

Teddy Hart in Wrestling in general
Many people have said it 'The guy has all the tools it takes to be a superstar but he's got such an attitude that he can never be one'. It sums up the history of Teddy Hart in wrestling.
The guy was picked as the next big thing, was signed by WWE early in his career but would be released due to his attitude, this would occur again when WWE gave him another chance. He would get a chance in TNA but that didn't go to far. Then he would go to Ring of Honor and it seemed like a perfect fit however his actions at Main Event Spectacles and the fact he called out some big indy names on a websites meant he wouldn't last too long.
The only stable work he has found has been in Jersey All Pro and in Triple A. Now I don't know about his Triple A work but I have seen his work in Jersey All Pro and the fans just hate him and their not meant to. I think it's a case of their tired of the crap he pulls and the attitude he has, even when he's on the mic saying how much he loves wrestling and the fans it feels like he's faking it. It seems that Teddy is doomed to be a misfit in wrestling and never be accepted any where.
Let's be honest. The guy is talented. He has a unique look, a great move set that no one else has and can wrestle his ass off however the attitude and the history he's gained has rather ruined him reputation. The last Hart is doomed to never be seen on a big scale, which is a big shame.

So there you have it, a number of guys who I think would of gone on to big things if they have been a bit more stable and not stay in one place. Now I know that a lot of the time the decision is out of their hands and they have to do what's best money wise but in my view these guys would of been big stars if they had stayed in one place.

I'll deliver another blog tomorrow about who should of received a push (that list is longer as you can only image). So if you're reading this thank you, let me know what you think don't be afraid to leave me a comment on Facebook or at least like it if you've read it.  

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