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A little look at the Hall of Fame

This week saw the first inductee for this years Hall of Fame was announced, that being the amazing Shawn Michaels. So with that in mind I thought I would look through the Hall of Fame and talk about those who probably don't deserve to be there. Now I could go on about those who should be in there but I'd be here for ages so I'm looking at those who could easily not be in there. Now I've found 7 who I think don't deserve to be in the Hall.

'Mr. Wonderful' Paul Orndorff
Now lets look at what WWE highlighted as the reasons why Mr. Wonderful should be in. He was part of the main event at the first Wrestlemania (interesting note 3 of the 4 are in the Hall so that might be a sign of things to come, look out for Mr. T) where he was the man who lost the fall. Roddy Piper & Bob Orton then turned on him which lead to him team with Hogan for the sole reason to turn on him later. This lead to a feud for the WWE championship and one match in particular, now I don't know when the first match happened and very few do but everyone remembers the Steel Cage match at Saturday Nights Main Event which saw the famous double drop down finish. After this match Paul would pretty much disappear, showing up in WCW and having a forgettable run as Tag champ with Paul Roma. 
Now Paul may have been one of the greatest in ring workers in his day but what I've highlighted here should not put him in the Hall of Fame. In my opinion to be in the Hall you should have a great career and not just one section that is really good. Kevin Sullivan once said that you could build your company around Paul but the fact is no one did and at the end of the day Paul's crowning moment was a small section of his career. Now people can argue with me about this but I feel that he shouldn't really be in the Hall.

'Mr. USA' Tony Atlas
Mr. USA was one half of the first African American tag team champions with Rocky Johnson and that's it. I'm not lying that is it. Tony Atlas may have had an amazing look but so did so many others when he was wrestling. Tony didn't make any other impact in wrestling other then that fact of being the first African American tag champ and lets look at that reign, it didn't last long, they broke up after losing the belts and Rocky went on to do more then Atlas did. I'll come back to this point, did Tony have an outstanding career? In my view no he didn't. Yes he had a first but you can not put every first into the Hall otherwise it would have so many members already. Even when Tony came back he did nothing of worth and was pretty much just a joke in "ECW" in WWE.

Wendi Richter
When you think of legendary women wrestlers you think of Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Sherri Martel, Trish Stratus and Lita. You don't think of Wendi Richter. Wendi was apart of the first Wrestlemania and won the Women's title in her match. She was even accompanied by Cyndi Lauper which she played off during her speech, saying 'Girls just want to have fun' which was actually pretty sad in my opinion. I'd like to point out that that moment may be seen as a 'Mania Moment' but it was pretty much forgotten about later on in the night and now in general. I once again highlight the did she have a great career? Now she was Women's champion, a couple of times I think, but was it that meaningful? In my view no. I heard she was unprofessional, which resulted in Moolah shooting on her to take the title back. In my view she doesn't deserve to be in there and other women do more then she does.

Celebrity Inductee's-Pete Rose, William Perry & Bob Uecker
What a waste of spots these are. I don't understand why WWE want to put celebrities in there. William Perry did one night with one moment during a battle royal with Big John Studd but everyone forgets about the fact that the battle royal had loads of football players in. I don't get why what he did overshadows those celebrities who work really hard for their matches they have, look at Floyd Mayweather who had a great match with Big Show at Mania 24. Perry put very little effort into his match at Mania and it was designed that way.
This brings me onto Bob Uecker. He may have shown up at 2 Manias but did nothing of worth, he told some bad jokes and got choked by Andre the Giant. That makes him apart of the Hall of Fame? You kidding me! The only thing worse is that he got the most time on the Hall of Fame TV show last year, that time should of gone to the wrestlers who the hall was designed for.
Now if WWE really feel the need to have celebrities in the Hall I can agree with Pete Rose. His 3 back to back Mania appearances with Kane are legendary, and Pete has come back to WWE again and again to help out. Pete was also good enough and knew that he shouldn't take up much time during the Hall of Fame show he was inducted on.
In general I don't agree with non wrestlers being in the Hall of Fame but if it has to be done put in guys like Andy Kaufman who actually had a love of wrestling and Mike Tyson who worked several months with the company and had a big angle. Not guys who did very little and are hardly remembered.

Koko B.Ware
We come to the biggest offender for someone who doesn't deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Now with the other members of this list I've been able to highlight some of the 'great' moments they had during their careers that could be a reason why they are in the Hall but with Koko there is none of those things. You know what his highlights are? Going to the ring with a bird and teaming with Owen Hart (who should be in the Hall) but nothing else, hell there isn't even any highlights from his career outside the WWE e.g. his Memphis days. Now with people in the Hall I could ask fans to name me a match that they love with that guy in or at least a famous match they were in e.g. Orndorff vs. Hogan in the cage, but with Koko no one can name me a match that he was in that is a much watch for any reason. Koko was a glorified jobber and are WWE really telling us that he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame? 

What I'm basically saying is that to be in the Hall of Fame you need to have a great career with lots of memorable moments in it, the people I've highlighted have not done anything like that they may have had one moment that is seen as legendary but it should be the career and not one or 2 moments. When you consider how many other wrestlers truly deserve to be in the Hall these members seem to just be taking up space for them.   

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